Neapolitan Sharp Edge Dice Collection

This creation is one that we set out to make a beautiful striped dice. We actually had Neapolitan Ice Cream in mind when picking the colors, and we think it turned out wonderfully! You'll find gorgeous pink, white, and brown/cream colors in this set! We hope you love it as much as we do! Just remember - you cannot eat these dice! During this pre-order, you'll save 52% off of the normal price when you buy a 7-piece set. You can also order individual dice for $5 each and order any amount you'd like below! Pre-Order Your Way! During the pre-order, you'll be able to order any dice combinations that you want. This means you can order a 7-piece set and add as many additional single dice as you'd like! You'll find all of the orderable dice below. Once the pre-order is over, you will only be able to buy 7-piece sets and at a significantly higher price! Special Pre-Order Price During the pre-order, this seven-piece dice set will be just $29.00 instead of our regular $54.95!